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Wilson Clash 100UL V2.0 Tennis Racket

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by Wilson
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SKU: 2df8-wilson-clash-100ul-v2-0-tennis-racket-l1

Ultra-lightweight and arm-friendly, the Clash 100UL V2 maintains supreme comfort for developing juniors or anyone dealing with a history of shoulder or arm injuries. Supremely maneuverable around the net for volleys and doubles play, this racket brings back the enviable flex of its previous version with an enhanced sweet spot for an additional dose of playability. Racket features patent-protected FORTYFIVE° construction and proprietary carbon mapping for an unmatched mix of flexibility and stability, while Agiplast plant-based bumper and grommets apply a sustainable approach to the design of this inviting frame.

  • Clash Benefit: All-Around Playability
  • Ultra Lightweight Version: Lightest version in the Clash V2 collection that is easiest to swing
  • 16x19 String Pattern: Open string pattern generates greater capacity for power and spin
  • V2 Updates: Revised construction at tip of hoop supplies additional consistency and an enhanced sweet spot
  • Innovations: Groundbreaking technologies elevate playability by combining flexibility and stability for a feeling unlike any other
  • Reduced Environmental Footprint: End-cap, bumper composed of Agiplast, plant-based materials
  • Design: Red and black anodized elastic finish pops on court to match the excitement of playing with the racket