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Urban Fitness EVA Peanut Roller (Black)

SKU: 3b20-urban-fitness-peanut-roller

It can be challenging to get a massage roller to reach those areas that need most attention. The Peanut Massage Roller from Urban Fitness is shaped like a peanut and achieves more than most rollers. It doesn't break the bank and can be used before during and after exercise to loosen tight muscle groups.

The design is perfect for rolling out tight muscles and is particularly good on the neck and back. The shape ensures you don't apply too much pressure on your spine. We also found the peanut roller was great for use on shoulders, hips, glutes, hamstrings and calves. It doesn't take too much room so can be taken in your kit bag on training and match days. The roller measures 165mm in length and has a diameter of 90mm.

This has become one of our best selling rollers as its compact size is perfect for most players size and shape.