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Opro Snap Fit Mouth Guard (Adult)

by Opro
SKU: 9653-opro-snap-fit-mouth-guard-adult-white

Opro Snap Fit Mouth Guard

Need quick protection? Get it in an Opro snap-fit mouthguard.

Opro provides entry-level comfort and protection without the need for boiling or moulding, perfect as a spare or backup gum shield when playing ball, stick, and combat sports. Just simply pop in and play, whatever your sport, whatever your style, do it with Opro.

Instant fit. Instant play. Opro’s snap-fit mouthguard has already been expertly shaped to comfortably rest over teeth and gums. So, there’s no need for boiling or moulding. Minimal effort and fantastic protection, instantly.

If you’ve lost or misplaced your prime Opro mouthguard, get rapid impact protection with Opro snap-fit. The durable shell offers great short-term protection to prevent sports-related dental injuries. Keep it in your bag as a spare or use it to simply switch up your sports style.