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Gray Nicolls Shockwave 2.0 1000 Batting Gloves (RH)

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SKU: ff8c-gray-nicolls-shockwave-2-0-1000-batting-gloves-rh-adult

Split finger design for flexibility with ribbed fibre shield overlays.

Protection Features:
Tri-layer: Ribbed fibre shield to stop the ball penetrating flex points
Traditional cotton padding combined with diffuser foam and a layer soft feel vapour foam for comfort.
Side Bar Protection:
Shield EVA flex finger bar.

Mid Grade B PU, leather palm, double sided
sweat band

 When it comes to batting gloves Gray Nicolls are at the forefront of product development. Working alongside great players like Sir Alistair Cook they work hard to combine their great cricket tradition with modern day innovation to bring a superb combination of comfort and protection to all cricketers.