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Brooks Beast 23 Mens Running Shoe (Peacoat/Blue/White)

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by Brooks
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Brooks Beast GTS 23 Running Shoes 

On the hunt for maximum-support running shoes? You're in the right place. The Brooks Beast GTS 23 shoes deliver trusted stability and total comfort thanks to a wide base, soft cushioning, and a generous fit that's great for orthotics.

Engineered Mesh Upper

Providing your feet with constant comfort and breathability, the Beast GTS 23 utilises an engineered mesh upper. This construction provides a spacious, yet secure fit, whilst also providing your feet with an optimal level of airflow, ensuring that you remain cool, even during high-heat activities. Perforation through the fabric allows additional air to flow throughout the shoes, meaning cool, fresh air effectively replaces, warm, muggy air, meaning you can remain comfortable and feel fresh throughout your run. The moisture-wicking elements of the shoes will also ensure that your feet remain dry and comfortable, due to their ability to rapidly remove excess sweat or moisture from the surface of your skin, meaning comfort is ensured. Working alongside this, the shoes have an embroidered saddle and eyestay to provide you with a modern look and feel. Finally, the shoes have a traditional lace-up system, meaning your feet will remain locked in and secure when wearing the shoes.

DNA Loft v3 Midsole

The DNA Loft v3 midsole is a cushioning technology that is soft and comfortable. It carries the foot well and even moulds itself to the shape of the underfoot, allowing the platform to fully support the curvature of the underfoot. The Beast GTS 23 has been designed with DNA Loft v3, Brooks' super soft cushioning that has been infused with nitrogen to be as soft, light and durable as possible. Having the cushioning and support helps to lessen the impact placed upon your joints as well as attenuating shock, minimising the potential risk of injury or discomfort. The plush midfoot transition zone is designed to propel your movements from heel to toe, especially for a neutral runner to maintain the most efficient gait possible for a smoother ride. Maximum support gets even more comfortable thanks to the GuideRails that feature in the midsole section of these shoes. This support technology supports your feet by keeping excessive movement in check. This helps to reduce the risks of injury caused on the knees when running and significantly reduces the weight of the shoes. A full-length Segmented Crash Pad delivers smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

Blown Rubber Outsole

Featuring HPR in the heel, the Beast GTS 23 provides durability against wear and tear while a blown rubber outsole completes the running shoe for durable responsiveness. The blown rubber offers longevity to the grip and traction that resides in the outsole. Finished with a rounded heel, the slight curvature vastly improves the alignment of the body for an efficient stride and reduces internal stress on the body and joints.

Brooks: The Answer is Always The Run

Brooks is an American company that designs high performance men's and women's running shoes that are all built with the right technologies to give you the right fit and function. Every single engineering choice made by Brooks is informed by runners needs and backed by in depth biochemical research. Balancing art, science and runner insight, the products made for you always feature groundbreaking innovations that advance the ride, style, fit and performance of your gear.

No matter your speed, style or where you start, Brooks believe you always end up in a happier place when you run. That happy place is Brooks North Star, guiding them to inspire others to run and be active. Through the Run B'Cause program, they're committed to supporting causes that inspire everyone to run and be more active, both in local communities and globally. Donating gear to help fuel the good work of various charities and organisations, Brooks give away product samples and gently worn shoes so that people in need can put their products to good use.