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Grays Shield Hockey Shinguard (Black/Yellow)

by Grays
SKU: 9720-grays-shield-hockey-shinguard-grey-black-extra-small

The Grays Shield Shin Pad is the perfect shin pad for first time players and kids that aren't used to wearing shin pads. This is a lightweight yet highly protective shin guard is best suited for Kids and beginners alike.


  • Shock absorbing protective backing.
  • Soft ankle disc and Achilles protection.
  • Elastic velcro strap to keep the shin pads tight to the leg.
  • Shin guards should cover the length of your leg, from ankle to knee minus one - two inches.
  • They should offer maximum protection while at the same time not hindering performance of the hockey player.
  • The best advice we can give players who wear shin pads it to remove them as soon as their activity is finished, this prevents the legs from sweating and getting irritated.
  • Once at home it is best to take your shin pads out of your bag and air them, but do not place them on a radiator or somewhere very warm as this could dry out the shin pad and possibly lead it to crack and break.