1000 Mile Ultimate Tactel Liner Sock (White)

SKU: dc2c-1000-mile-ultimate-tactel-liner-sock-white-small

Ultimate Tactel Trainer Liner Sock from 1000 Mile features unique double layer construction which gives outstanding comfort with no blisters and no wear-out.

The Tactel inner layer wicks away perspiration and stays with the foot, while the outer moisture absorbing layer keeps feet dry and moves with the shoe, eliminating friction on the skin and reducing wear.

Additionally, the Ultimate Tactel Trainer Liner Sock comes with top vents for superb breathability, arch bracing for even better fit and support, and unique HeelPower Technology to hold the heel firmly in place.

The Ultimate Tactel Trainer Liner Socks from 1000 Mile are perfectly suited for any king of training regime, as well as for walking, running, gym workout or hiking and provide comfortable temperature for the foot in virtually any weather conditions.

  • Durable and functional with superior fit and comfort
  • Unique double layer construction
  • No blisters and no wear-out
  • Moisture wicking inner Tactel layer
  • Moisture absorbing outer layer
  • Top vents for superb breathability
  • Braced arch for custom fit and support
  • Unique Heel Power technology grips the heel firmly in place
  • Comfortable temperature for the foot
  • Colour of stitching around the toe seam depends on the size
  • Material inner: 100% Tactel fabric
  • Material outer: 76% Cotton, 22% Nylon, 2% Elastane Lycra
  • Manufacturer: 1000 Mile