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Finis Alignment Board

by Finis
SKU: 3e42-finis-alignment-board

The FINIS Alignment Kickboard is an ingenious training aid that allows the swimmer to maintain a streamlined position from the finger tips to the toes. Designed to glide beneath the water line, it reduces back strain and encourages correct body alignment. The strap design keeps the arms in a hydrodynamic position, without the need to grip and tire the hands. Suitable for all four strokes, one arm, side kicking and standard drills, coaches love it for its compact size and that its use encourages correct body alignment and a lengthening of the swimming position. Comprised of a sturdy, lightweight foam material, it is coated with an anti-chlorine finish for added durability. Size: 290 x 320 x 20mm. Detals: - HYDRODYNAMIC PROFILE - Promotes a streamlined body position from fingertips to toes - SUBMERSIBLE DESIGN - Creates an ideal body alignment when used just below the waterline - STABILIZING HAND STRAP - Allows control of the board without gripping, and places hands and arms in a proper streamline position - SHOULDER SAFE - Smaller design reduces pressure on shoulders - LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE - Compact frame makes for easy storage and travel - ALL FOUR SWIM STROKES - Great for standard kicking, one arm drills and side kicking in all four competitive strokes - EVA FOAM - Provides durability and prevents skin irritation