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Gray Nicolls Crest Elite Red Ball

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SKU: grey-nicolls-crest-elite-red-ball-156g

The Crown cricket ball range is our premier collection of cricket balls, catering all the way from international standard balls, to cricket balls that are more appropriate for junior matches or net bowling. Our Crown 2 Star falls into the latter category.

That's not to say the Crown 2 Star cricket ball is not a fantastic product. Gray-Nicolls' designers used all their expertise to create cricket balls for all levels and price points that conform to our exceptionally high standards.

What are the features of the Crown 2 Star cricket ball? The ball is hand stitched, just like every other ball in the Crown range. That means high-quality craftsmanship which ensures fantastic shape retention and long lasting performance.

The core of the ball is made from recycled cork and rubber. This keeps the ball hard after lots of action, using material that doesn't compromise the price of the ball itself.

Our Crown 2 Star ball uses Pakistani leather which is fantastic quality for junior cricket. The ball is finished with a durable lacquer, further improving the lifespan of the ball.

We recommend the Crown 2 Star cricket ball for junior cricket, friendly adult cricket or club net sessions. It is very affordable, making it a popular choice for cricket clubs around the world.


Hand stitched ball with high-quality thread

Core made from recycled cork and rubber, perfectly durable for the appropriate level of play

Pakistani leather 2nd butt will retain hardness for longer

Durable, lightly lacquered finish to help the ball maintain its feel and shine

Four piece construction to keep the ball swinging for longer

Size: Senior 156 grams