Gray Nicolls Crest Academy Red Ball

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The Crest Academy cricket ball is a fantastic value for money cricket ball that performs brilliantly despite its incredible price point.

Designed for entry-level junior cricket, the Crest Academy has been designed to last.

The ball is machine stitched with high-quality thread – ensuring the ball will keep its shape and for as long as possible.

The hard shell lining will aid the lifespan of the ball, which we hope can be used for a long time in the nets after its use in a game.

The light lacquered finish is also durable.


Grade 3 chrome tanned leather gives the ball a deep red look so desired by bowling teams, no matter their age.

Machine stitched with a high-quality thread for good performance

Cork and rubber combination core to retain hardness

Grade 3 Chrome tanned leather

Durable, lightly lacquered finish keep the shine on the ball and give it a lovely feel in the hand

Two-piece construction

Hard shell lining keeps the ball performing for longer