Like everything else, choosing running shoes is quite personal. One takes into consideration the make, the colour, the price range, etc.

However, one of the most important questions when buying a pair of runners is what type of runner you are: whether you need a supportive or a neutral running shoe. From our experience about two thirds of people would need some support for their arches in the shoe so that means they would need some form of supportive runners.

It is quite difficult to say which shoe would fit you best and one of the best ways to find out is to do the so-called Gait Analysis.

Pronation is all about how your foot lands when you are running.

- If you have a normal arch it means you are a so-called neutral (normal) pronator and a good option for you would be a neutral or moderate stability shoe.

- Runners with flat feet overpronate, which means their foot generally rolls inwards when they run. A good option for them would be a stability shoe that would support the arch.

- Underpronators are runners with high arches and ideally a neutral well-cushioned shoe would do the job for them as it encourages a more natural foot motion.

(Diagram showing the right foot)

When you know your level of pronation you can choose a running shoe that is comfortable and supportive in the right areas.

Shoe size

When getting a running shoe we usually advise our customers the shoe to have about a thumbnail space at the front because when you run (or do any physical activity for that matter) your feet expand. So, if you don’t want to get a black toe the running shoes should have slightly more room. However, this is all very personal as some people prefer tighter shoes while others like to have more room.

Different makes of running shoes have different fits so if you are not sure which shoe to go for we will be happy to help.


Another thing to take into consideration is where you are going to run. If you prefer to go to the gym and run on a treadmill this means you could get away with slightly less cushioning in the shoe. However, if you run outside then good cushioning is advisable.

If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them!