Gray Nicolls Alpha Gen 1.4 5 Star PP Cricket Bat

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Sharing the same performance characteristics as the 1.0, the 1.4 iteration of the Alpha bat boasts a generous spine and big edges, combined with a mid to high middle, creating excellent balance and unbelievable pick up. What sets the 1.4 apart from the Alpha  bat collection is the colour of the decals. A metallic red combines with a crisp flash of white and contrast black, to produce a strong visual identity rooted in the Gray-Nicolls visual identity.

The variety of colours represented in the Alpha bat collection is mirrored in the Gray-Nicolls offering of batting softs, allowing players to coordinate or customise their look to their own unique style.

Bow: Even - Mid.

Profile: Mid blade profile with exaggerated spine profile that enhances pick up with no compromise on size.

Face: Rounded - Powercurve face.

Pick up: Mid to high balance point creates feather light pick up.

Edges: Large edge profile.

Toe: Semi square.

Handle: Semi Oval.